Photograph Gallery 3 (2011)

  • Health Fair
  • Tanker - Genmar Companion, off Groomsport, awaiting her deck being welded in Belfast shipyard.
  • Groomsport Harbour
  • Sunset from The Brae, Groomsport
  • Walter Nelson Hall, Groomsport Main Street
  • Appartments in Groomsport Main Street
  • Notice at Tennis Courts; windmill construction ship en-route to Morecambe Bay in background.
  • Groomsport Harbour
  • Looking North from Harbour
  • Groomsport Harbour
  • New Groomsport Parish Church Hall
  • New Groomsport Parish Church Hall
  • Ron at Health Fair
  • Posters at Health Fair
  • Groomsport Health Fair - secret consultation!!
  • Groomsport Local Councillors in a huddle
  • Exercises for the over 20's
  • Groomsport Health Fair organisers
  • Groomsport Health Fair - get the tea ready !!
  • Groomsport Health Fair
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